About Us

Our Purpose

To facilitate a safe space where people within the gender diverse community can receive community support,  information and guidance for trans and gender diverse people by trans and gender diverse people. 

To provide training, lectures, consultation to the community, business, civil society and educational institutions.


Our Mission

Be True 2 Me is a trans-led organisation that enables the sharing of lived experience for gender non-conforming and transgender people supporting their health and well-being within society generally. The organisation works in the economic and public sphere, to help gender non-conforming and transgender people navigate such challenges as economic wellbeing and employment, legal in terms of public and private jurisdiction, as well as family, friends and mental health. Be True 2 Me creates safe, facilitated spaces for discussion, exploration and sharing of experiences.

The organisation networks professional providers with members of the community, on a basis of information sharing.

The organisation is active in research as applicable to our engagements and active participation with WPATH, government and the medical community.

Be True 2 Me seeks to give a specific voice to trans people, not diluted by the concerns of the wider LGBTIQA+ community but working in a collegial paradigm with sibling organisations.

Be True 2 Me


Anyone is welcome including but not limited to any race, creed, religion, age, generation, ethnic background, education, life experience and social economic group.

Just no phobics and closed minded (judgemental) people

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