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Year end 7 Dec 2019

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Pretoria Tuesday – 26 Nov 2019

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Be True 2 Me

Be True 2 Me is a non-profit organisation focused on supporting gender diverse (trans and gender non-confirming) people to be true to themselves​.


We provide peer support groups in Gauteng and offer training and support to other support groups in South Africa. The support also includes Trans Youth and Parental support​.


Be True 2 Me provides consulting and training services to both the Trans community, Corporates, SME Businesses and the general public.


Be True 2 Me are also available to provide speaking and training services at conferences and workshops.

The Be True 2 Me team have spent many hours in training, attending international conferences, and interacting with the local and international medical community.

Be True 2 Me are also involved as a civil society participant with the Department of Basic Education Social Inclusion Working committee.

Be True 2 Me are developing resources for the community, medical fertility, general public and participate in the team developing resources for the South African Education Department. (DBE).

Be True 2 Me is governed by a strong team of trans and gender diverse individuals. Full details of the board and team are available on our web site.

We are also a member of TPATH and WPATH through our board members

Be True 2 Me


Community Building with a focus on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Education and

Trans People

Be True 2 Me is lead and managed by member of the trans community and represents a diverse people

Promoting Awareness

Awareness concerning the challenges that the community faces and how to improve their quality of life